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Culture Spot release


Culture Spot release An initiative to join together alternative art forms, with the aim to promoting them to the<br /> public of Drama and Eastern Macedonia. This connection can be achieved through the <br /> combination of audiovisual media.<br /> This combination give artists the opportunity to create an interface space for the people <br /> of the town and the community at large. <br /> <br /> With the promotion of alternative forms of art as its main purpose, Culture Spot uses <br /> advertising tools that serve this goal. This mechanism of promotion and advertising is <br /> generally a form of applied art. One of its applications is the advertising of products and <br /> services. <br /> <br /> Creation through cooperation with businesses and organizations is one of the key <br /> objectives. Brand Culture Spot may be included within the above framework, adjusting its <br /> mechanism in such a way, so that it can offer brand awareness, promotion of the above <br /> framework, as well as artwork in the field of music and vision. <br /> <br /> ------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br />